Sacred Rides Patagonia Mountaing Biking

Patagonia Pedal & Paddle

On the Sacred Rides Pedal and Paddle trip, in Argentinian Patagonia, you can play Magellan and unleash your inner explorer, but with a nice side dish of comfort at our spectacular backcountry ecolodge. Had the early explorers had their own wood-fired hot tub overlooking the Andes, they may have stayed a while longer. And if they’d known about the network of beautiful rides surrounding our lodge, well they just may have given up the exploring life all together and settled down in this little corner of paradise.

You are a Strong-Intermediate level mountain biker with a high level of fitness. Unlike the purpose built mountain bike trails found in places like North America and Europe, the riding in Patagonia offers a real “mixed bag” of demanding trail types. Expect to ride everything from backcountry roads, to rough ATV trails, to technical, steep, rocky and loose singletrack. You are an adventure seeker, and appreciate the charm of true remote wilderness. The lack of reliable wifi does not stress you out. You enjoy using two-wheeled machines as a means of exploring new lands while mixing in several other outdoor activities. You know how to swim and the thought of whitewater rafting in the valley below the Andes excites you.