Paddler’s Tune-Up

Paddling “Tune-up” courses are available in Argentina for whitewater kayakers or whitewater canoeists.

A tune-up course is suitable for you if you are already a whitewater paddler but have not paddled in a while and want to shake off the “rust.” Or if you just want to extend a Rivers of Patagonia trip by a few days with some dedicated professional instruction.

Improve your kayaking techniqueThe focus is to help you perfect your paddling technique and make you a more confident and efficient paddler. Topics could include improving technique of the forward, back and sweep stroke, bracing, boat control, edging, river running, advanced eddy catching, the boof stroke, the duffek stroke, hole/wave punching and surfing as well as rolling technique and more.

Courses can be customized to your interests and goals.  Contact us for details & pricing.  If you are new to whitewater paddling we suggest you take a look at our Learn to Paddle course.