Whitewater Kayak, Canoe or Raft

We’ve always said that the beauty of whitewater paddling is that it can take you to places that many people will never see. The crystal clear water, rock formations and steep canyon walls hidden between a couple of rapids are only available to those who can maneuver a boat to get them there!

The rivers we paddle in Patagonia are often accessed by driving down long stretches of dirt road with rarely a person in sight. A flock of sheep or cattle grazing along the road can be a more common sighting than the farmers who live in the centre of  huge expanses of land. To access different rivers we may travel through deserts, canyons and mountain terrains. The rivers we paddle are clean and refreshing, mostly fed by mountain lakes and glaciers.

We have designed two levels of “Rivers of Patagonia” trips to give you an idea of the paddling options in the area.  However water levels at the time of year you choose to visit will determine which rivers are available to paddle. The best time of year for higher water levels in our area is November and early December but after that we can travel to other regions with high-volume rivers that are always running.

We are happy to customize a trip to suit your group’s particular paddling interests and abilities and we also have many non-paddling activities to offer if you want to take a break from the rivers for a day or two.  On most rivers you can choose to canoe, kayak, inflatable kayak or raft.    Contact us to see your options and build the perfect paddling itinerary for your group!