Whitewater Rescue

BorealRescue LogoPaddle Patagonia works under the certification program of Boreal River Rescue and delivers the best whitewater and swiftwater rescue training courses for river guides, paddling instructors, boaters, field workers, and rescue professionals.

Our programs are intensive, hands-on, and well run. The curriculum is constantly updated to stay relevant and useful. Courses include a combination of skill practice, rescue simulations, discussions, and practical reviews.

Boreal River Rescue instructors have been setting the standard in whitewater and swiftwater rescue training internationally for over a decade. We have experience performing rescues and teaching whitewater skills in a range of river environments, from instructing paddlers on wilderness river trips, to teaching firefighters in urban flood-canals, to training raft guides on jungle rivers. Our instructors are highly experienced, professional, and fun.

Organize a course for your company, club, group, or school.

Hold a Boreal River Rescue course at your location. We provide the instructors, equipment, and a great course. You organize the group. This can be for your own staff team or group members or open to the public. We’ll work with you to make sure that the course runs smoothly and we’ll help you spread the word. Email: info@paddlepatagonia.com to get started.

Courses Options:

Whitewater Rescue (WWR) – two days (levels I & II)
The Whitewater Rescue (WWR) course is a fun and full two days of learning and practice in and around the river. Get a foundation of rescue skills and knowledge so that you can work and play safely around whitewater. Read More…

Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) – four days (levels I, II & III)
The international standard for river guides, whitewater instructors, advanced boaters, and rescue technicians. On this intensive and hands-on course you will practice and perfect rescue skills in a variety of whitewater environments. Read More…

Whitewater Rescue Technician – Bridge – two days (level III)
This is for graduates of Whitewater Rescue (WWR) courses who wish to upgrade their skills and certification to the Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) level. To enroll you must have a current WWR certification or equivalent whitewater or swiftwater rescue certification from another provider such as the American Canoe Association, Rescue Canada, Rescue for River Runners, or Rescue 3 International. Contact us for more information.

Whitewater Rescue Technician Recertification – two days (level III)
The two-day WRT-Recert is for those with current WRT certification from Boreal River Rescue or an equivalent certification from another provider such as R3-pro from Rescue for River Runners or Swiftwater Rescue Technician – Level 1(SRT-1) from Rescue 3 International, Rescue Canada, or the American Canoe Association. Contact us for more information.