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Patagonia Packrafting Expedition

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The Patagonia Packrafting Expedition.

Discover Northern Patagonia under your own steam. On this trip, you’ll explore epic landscapes. Find out what life is like for the ‘paisanos’ who settled here and paddle the Rio Puelo "a hidden gem of a river" in your own packraft.

You don’t need whitewater experience. Just be physically fit and have a taste for adventure (a taste for red wine won’t do you wrong either).

Your guides are super experienced, knowledgeable, welcoming, and great teachers. You’ll learn how to:

  • ‘Read’ and ‘run’ rapids in safety and confidence

  • Pack your backpack and camp in comfort—on a lightweight backcountry expedition

  • Speak Spanish with a thick Patagonian drawl. (No—that’s a joke—but you will experience the culture up close.) Share meals and laughs with friendly locals: on a couple of days, we’ll pull off the river, set-up camp on their land, and be welcomed into their homes for an asado (traditional barbecue)!

You’ll start and end in Bariloche. We don’t need to tell you about the Argentine flare for ‘the good things in life’, but on this trip, you’ll get a taste of both worlds, with true adventure as well.

Paddle up to what must be one of the most charming border crossings anywhere. With no line-ups at this hut, you’ll stamp your passport and jump back into your boat, bobbing through waves into Chile on a remote river in the Andes.

Nope—this isn’t a dream. Welcome to Patagonia.